Luke’s Last Supper epic portrait

Luke's Last Supper

Fair play to Luke for Photoshopping this fine scene of the Waltzer Allstarz having what appears to be a dinner hosted by Luke as a vinyl DJ. Everyone’s there, Al kissing Steve, Niall with his little hand on a bottle of Buckie, Ruth and Brian listening attentively to Luke’s rapid tunes, Molly swigging a pint of beer, Aisling showing off what looks like a gob of broken teeth, Marie sneaking Molly another pint behind Ais, Waltzer wondering what the whole lot is about, Triona in classic drinking-from-the-bottle pose, and bizarrelly Dougal has joined us. Lots of Blackpool references there too, and look out the window, hey twins of us are on the way. Who’s that guy in the first seat? Your tax dollars at work.

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