Waltzer.net relaunches

Hey everyone and thanks for coming by to check out the Waltzer site. You probably thought it was dead, and to be honest I kinda did too. But thanks to the wonders of blogging software and flickr, I can do the things I was doing before, but now a lot faster. Before I would cut the images myself, type the code, all that lark. Now I can drop my photos onto flickr uploader and off they go. And with this blogging software, I only have to worry about what I want to say, no more messing about with code and stuff.

So what’s been going on? Well have a look at my photos from the past year or so on flickr… some of the more interesting ones:

Katie and Shaun IMG_0408.JPG IMG_0363.JPG IMG_9872.JPG 542niallpunked_06.jpg

I hope to keep the spirit of the old Waltzer.net stuff alive with Quote of the Week, That Wrecks Me Buzz, photos, festivals, and the odd graphic design thing.

The archives are still available and searchable so work away there looking up the Smartforce chicks you used to fancy.

So happy days eveyone and lets see where this takes us!

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