Quote of the week

A round-up of some recent quotes:

Brian: “It’s like listening to chocolate” (On New Order’s Blue Monday in Pravda)

Liam: “You think too much”
Declan: “Well at least you don’t suffer from that.”

Dave K: “He probably won’t put in an appearance at 3 o’clock on a Friday, but then again all his cars are parked outside.”

Dave K: “She’s a lot of things but she’s not gay. She’s not well dressed enough”

Guillaume (trying his best to speak english): “Look at that sea (canal), full of lovely vegetables (weeds).”

Pat (complaining that his sandwich wasn’t over-flowing): “Do I look like I’m on any sort of diet?”

Ciaran: “I’ll have a baton” (meaning a baguette)

Niamh: “Which one of you manky fuckers pissed in my toilet?”

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