Approaching Christmas

Well my sis has come back from Oz and we got some of our Christmas shopping done the other weekend, must get on with the rest of my shopping. My mam said the other day that everyone has everything they want, which is quite sad, cos it means

  • you can’t please anyone with a present
  • people buy and throw out disposable presents (enviromnental disaster)
  • lost of money is wasted

But on the positive side, maybe it’s time to start spending time rather than money on presents, for example you could make a card or a present for somebody. Or if you are not very creative, why not buy a charatable contribution as a present. Bothar let you buy honeybees, fish, rabbits, yacks, trees and a pile of animals. I’d much prefer to know that the 20 or 30 euros someone was going to spend went to feeding families or educating children. What do I need with another watch or a novely radio?

I wish I had time to make presents and cards. That painting I did in 04 was pretty cool but I haven’t been able to top it. Although I did make some cards during the year, I’d like to do a lino-cut Christmas card.

What else is going on… Well Steve had a party in the gaff last weekend. I haven’t had a chance to put any photos online but I will as soon as I get them onto the laptop. Speaking of photos, I’m going to get the Nikon D50 digital SLR, looking forward to getting some nice shots at home at Christmas. After lots of shopping around I found it cheapest at Jessops Grafton Street shop, so much for internet shopping!

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