Creating and presenting logos

Whever I make a logo for a client, I usually fire up Macromedia Flash. Flash is vector based, so anything you design in it can be scaled up to any size, while keeping a small file size. Some people prefer Illustrator, I’m more of a Flash man myself. (Although Flash is not without it’s limitations, more about that another day!)

I’d usually have sketched out a few ideas to get me started in the right direction. Then I draw up a logo in flash and make it look nice. Then I insert a new keyframe and make small changes to it. It’s an organic process, and after an hour I might have six or a dozen different logos, with the flow of thought going right through.

When I have done enough to show the client, I just add some actions to the flash movie to stop it playing through, add back and forward buttons, and add frame numbers. Now all I have to do is send it to the client and let him/her choose their favourite one, or tell me what combinations they like.

It’s a nice process that works well for me and for the client.

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