The joy of being your own client

I have been doing a lot of client work in my spare time recently, and I had an opportunity last night to do some work on I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and joy to work on something that is all my own. No clients are going to request changes, nobody is going to say that the graphic doesn’t work. It was lovely to just pull out my sketch pad and say “hey, you know, this time I’m gonna use that funky design I saw on CNN” and just go ahead and styley it up. No need to get approval or worry that it won’t fly!

I never noticed before because I have never been so busy, and was kind of a chore for me for a long time, but now I see it as an outlet, a place to let off steam and design some funky stuff. Hopefully that means more frequent updates… but if you have been following me you’ll know that I have said that a few times before! Blackpool Special comes out sometime this week.

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