Deep linking tool idea

Yesterday I came across a cool design for a can of cider, the word Cider being written sideways so that the Ci appeared like a wink and smile. To show anyone this I would have to say to go to and follow this path: “Click Here” – “More” – “discipline” – “Brand Packaging” – “Cider”

Quite an effort to both compose and follow. What if there was a plug-in for Firefox that recorded my last 10 click co-ordinates and packaged the relevant ones so that I could send a pseudo-URL of that location to someone else. The software could click through the flash website and arrive at the intended “location.” The button might be time dependent, appearing on the screen for a second or longer after the first button, so we also record the time between clicks.

The syntax could be something like otherRealUrls/// xcoord,ycoord,seconds/ xcoord,ycoord
eg: ? 200,400,0/150,420,1/100,320
The deeplinker website interpreters this and sends out the link. No need for the recipient to even have the software on their machine.

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