How hard is it to buy a monitor cable?

Woo hoo, I finally got my cables to connect my laptop to the telly and my PC to my spare monitor. This might sound like an easy job, but man it was tough. I needed a male/male VGA cable

  1. Bought one incorrect cable by accident from a website (Male/Female) €8
  2. Went to order the right cable and accidently ordered the same cable (M/F) €8
  3. Went into town and accidently bought the wrong cable again (M/F) €24
  4. Bought an adaptor to convert M/F cable to M/M cable, but accidently bought a F/F adaptor. €6
  5. Ordered two M/M cables and they were delivered today! €16

If anyone needs a monitor extention cable let me know!

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