This site follows the antics of Irish Graphic Designer, Alan Wall, as he parties, changes the colours of pixels and basically gets up to mischief in Dublin and other European places. It’s been going since 2000 when I bought my first url, Waltzer.net, and started up a magazine type journal about the staff of a prominent e-learning company back before the bubble burst.

The site trundled along, becoming more and more intermittent as other things competed for my time and interest. So in July 2006 I decided to relaunch as a blog. Most people I know hate blogs, and preferred the old system, but this way I get to do more stuff, more often. That can’t be a bad thing. And with the help of flickr, I can share my photos much easier than I previously could too!

By the way, if you’re looking for a graphic designer, forget it! I’m too expensive, too busy and too cranky to take any new jobs.