About Waltzer.net

Waltzer.net started out as a weekly magazine based around the social life of an IT company in Dublin in 2000. This was the peak of the dot-com bubble where free parties, kids straight out of college with lots of money, and hanging out with dozens of creative and technical people was the order of the day. Over the years the frequency waned as I became too busy for the weekly updates.

Eventually the dot-com bubble burst and and the company laid off hundreds of staff, including me. At this point the site began to lose its direction. I stopped creating it in 2005, at which point I started posting photos to flickr and blogging here using WordPress.

My company blog is at WaltzerDesign.com. I’m also on Facebook.

Don’t miss Wage Slave, Phil‘s great comic that ran in Waltzer.net over the years.

Warning: a lot of stuff doesn’t work anymore, like forms, links and polls. Best to just read and look at the pictures!

waltzernet_0000_Layer 152

October 2005 | week 542

Luke on Blackpool
Niall gets Punked!

waltzernet_0001_Layer 151

11 July 2005 | week 528

Oxegen Special by Luke

waltzernet_0002_Layer 150

08 February 2005 | week 506

Top 5 famous girls, lots of random photos, Dublin Bus logo

waltzernet_0003_Layer 149

11 January 2005 | week 502

Photos over a 7 month period; Christmas Painting, Redundancies, Sitespotting

waltzernet_0004_Layer 148

13 December 2004 | week 450

Prague Special

waltzernet_0005_Layer 147

22 July 2004 | week 430

Oxegen Special – By Luke and Waltzer

waltzernet_0006_Layer 146

1 July 2004 | week 427

Mandy, Tony, Navan, Crates, Top 5 special: What tunes are playing in you headphones at the moment?

waltzernet_0007_Layer 145

28 May 2004 | week 422

Summer arrives!; Computer Gaming; Music; Websites; Musings

waltzernet_0008_Layer 144

12 April 2004 | week 416

The great waltzer.net pub crawl 2004! Organised by Niall. Words by Luke. Photos and design by Waltzer.

waltzernet_0009_Layer 143

10 March 2004 | week 411

Bits n’ pieces.

waltzernet_0010_Layer 142

13 January 2004 | week 403

Photos: Kate’s 21st, Christmas in Naaavan, Halloween, Revels Rathfarnham and my trip to Lowestoft
What I’ve been up to, Company P Christmas party, Steve off on world trip and other snippets

waltzernet_0011_Layer 141

24 September 2003 | week 339

News: Enniscrone 2003, 2003: Music Summer, Harold’s Cross Classic Cinema closed, You’re rich

Photos: Summer concerts, Enniscrone

waltzernet_0012_Layer 140

22 July 2003 | week 330

News: Mandy and Billy’s Wedding, Joanne’s baby
Photos: The wedding

That wrecks me Buzz: Kinder Surprise

waltzernet_0013_Layer 139

10 June 2003 | week 325

News: Mick has 21st in WaltzerLounge, Bowie, Triona, Gillo, Scotalnd Special
Photos: Parties, Scotland, [Eadaoin and Sarah kissing]

waltzernet_0014_Layer 138

8 April 2003 | week 315

News: Ben’s visit, St.Patrick’s festival and parade
Photos: St. Patricks’s festival [Ben at Central Bank]

waltzernet_0015_Layer 137

11 March 2003 | week 311

News: Tickets for Slane, Tourists, Ex-Company S person joins Company P!, Arcade Machine

waltzernet_0016_Layer 136

4 March 2003 | week 310

News: Domhnall, Dracula, Ben, Slane

Photos: Enniscrone, Kieleys, Boston

waltzernet_0017_Layer 135

18 February 2003 | week 308

News: Art Collection, Def Leppard, Instant Messaging
Photos: Art Collection

waltzernet_0018_Layer 134

11 February 2003 | week 307

News: WaltzerLounge, Parties, Opera,
Photos: WaltzerLounge

waltzernet_0019_Layer 133

4 February 2003 | week 306

News: Party in WaltzerLounge next Saturday, Halo at work, Def Leppard to play the Ambassador, Picture of Triona, Molly and Marie found in stock photography
Photos: O’Sheas session

waltzernet_0020_Layer 132

28 January 2003 | week 305

News: Waltzer wins big at poker, Big session in O’Sheas next Friday, Phantom FM, Project due, one girl, Sarah, loads of great pictures, Web design, Darkroom, Issy in Earthquake, Concern, Feedback on website
Photos: Various events

waltzernet_0021_Layer 131

21 January 2003 | week 304

News: Re-Launching, Issy Travelling the World, Where’s Wally
Photos:Various events, Main: Steve playing pool.

waltzernet_0022_Layer 131

22 October 2002 | week 243

Holding page while the new Waltzer.net gets built. Half a dozen different photos.

waltzernet_0023_Layer 129

8 October 2002 | week 241

Launching New Waltzer.net!;

waltzernet_0024_Layer 128

24 September 2002 | week 239

Rachel’s party; Company announces more job-cuts, voluntary redundancies offered; Joey and Tri having fun in Oz: Photos

waltzernet_0025_Layer 127

10 September 2002 | week 237

Nessa and Sara Leave, separate party in 32, Game of chess to decide outcome of box room, Party leaves 32 looking like “bomb hit it”

waltzernet_0026_Layer 126

5 September 2002 | week 236

London Adventures, Game On at the Barbican,

waltzernet_0027_Layer 125

27 August 2002 | week 235

Summer photos

waltzernet_0028_Layer 124

13 August 2002 | week 233

Summer arrives, Kaner: One year later, Waltzer goes back to school, Waltzer goes back to school

waltzernet_0029_Layer 123

7 August 2002 | week 232

Summer arrives!

waltzernet_0030_Layer 122

30 July 2002 | week 231


waltzernet_0031_Layer 121

23 July 2002 | week 230

Up to no good in D4, Mairead now 24, Waltzer to be 25, Waltzer recommends rapid tunes

waltzernet_0032_Layer 120

16 July 2002 | week 229

Photos from Jo and Tri’s last night with us, Buzz: Misnamed Seasons, Conor’s birthday

waltzernet_0033_Layer 119

08 July 2002 | week 226

Crazy trip to Sligo, Where is everyone at?, What’s with the delay on the site?, Arcade machine update,

waltzernet_0034_Layer 118

5 June 2002 | week 223

Coming up on Thurdsay: “A Trip to Sligo”

waltzernet_0035_Layer 117

21 May 2002 | week 221

Waltzer’s last day, Neil, Moro leave

waltzernet_0036_Layer 116

14 May 2002 | week 220

Sudden party, Waltzer still here!, Impromptu party kicks off in canteen, Waltzer pursuing other interests, paring the site down

waltzernet_0037_Layer 115

30 April 2002 | week 218

Company sinks four weeks after hitting iceberg stock price; some rescued by competitor, probably 80 redundancies; Ismay safe, Mrs Astor maybe, noted names leaving, FAQs for Waltzer.net, Leaving the House

waltzernet_0038_Layer 114

23 April 2002 | week 217

O’Sheas, Russells, What’s going on with Waltzer these days?, Hangovers? Just burn the kitchen down! (Triona), My night as a rockstar (Dave)

waltzernet_0039_Layer 113

16 April 2002 | week 216

Dee back home, Net access restricted again, What’s the best thing for a hangover? Top 10: What are bored web designers doing to fill space?

waltzernet_0040_Layer 112

9 April 2002 | week 215

Joey throws cool house party, Top 10: What are ailing companies doing these days to reduce costs?

waltzernet_0042_Layer 110

3 April 2002 | week 214

Easter Weekend, Summer’s here!, Super Styley Awards rollin’, Culture: Paris in the Spring (Isobel)

waltzernet_0043_Layer 109

26 March 2002 | week 213

Daffodil day antics, Super Styley Awards pre launch, Man thinks McSorley’s bar girl has no sense of humour, Culture: Jody gets away with murder (Brian)

waltzernet_0044_Layer 108

20 March 2002 | week 212

Jody in ‘The Field’, St. Patrick’s Saturday, Buzz: Paddy’s day going down with a bang once again (Isobel)

waltzernet_0045_Layer 107

12 March 2002 | week 211

Jody’s Play reviewed, Liz leaves, also Sarah Mordan, Martin Byrne wins €1400 in the third floor lotto, Dog Racing!

waltzernet_0046_Layer 106

4 March 2002 | week 210

Joey and Mairead comfort the drunken Isobel,Jody’s Play approaches, Video coming to Waltzer.net, Buzz: Deleting my pictures

waltzernet_0047_Layer 105

26 February 2002 | week 209

News: Dave Manzor falls on bus, Gillo does Amsterdam
Photos: Gillo in Amsterdam, Porter House before Sim night out

waltzernet_0048_Layer 104

19 February 2002 | week 208

News: The Phoney down, Things that make you go EUCK!, The Royal Oak, Wine Tasting
Photos: Wine Tasting

waltzernet_0049_Layer 103

12 February 2002 | week 207

News: Waltzer.net site plagiarized, Jody in two upcoming plays, Sarah has baby girl, Monsters Inc. on Scratch,
Photos: Guinness’ Source party
That wrecks me buzz: The most paranoid and cocky bloke ever

waltzernet_0050_Layer 102

4 February 2002 | week 206

News: Mexican party Waltzer Lounge 0004
Photos: Waltzer Lounge

waltzernet_0051_Layer 101

29 January 2002 | week 205

News: 100th Waltzer.net, KW Reunion #0003
Photos: KW Reunion 0003

waltzernet_0052_Layer 100

21 January 2002 | week 204

News: Waltzer does London
Flash interactivity: London Underground sign

waltzernet_0053_Layer 99

15 January 2002 | week 203

News: Design night out, KW Reunion organised, competition still open
Photos: Design night out

waltzernet_0054_Layer 98

8 January 2002 | week 202

Photos: Various over Christmas
News: Happy new year, Competition still open,
Specials: Let’s get worse (Brian Coyle), Pissing about (Sarah Hipwell)

waltzernet_0055_Layer 97

18 December 2001 | week 151

Christmas Special
Photos: Social club Christmas party
News: A year in headlines, a year in pictures
What you think: Jody, Mark, Ger, Kevin, Moose, Tony, Sarah

waltzernet_0056_Layer 96

11 December 2001 | week 150

News: Excellent Christmas Party, Liam pictured in photography project
Photos: Christmas party

waltzernet_0057_Layer 95

4 December 2001 | week 149

News: 12 Pubs, Jody breaks world fastest breakfast record, Christmas Special approaches
Photos: 12 Pubs weekend

waltzernet_0058_Layer 94

27 November 2001 | week 148

News: 3rd Floor Lotto won at £750, Waltzer Lounge party #2, The 12 pubs of Christmas approaches
Photos: Steve’s Birthday

waltzernet_0059_Layer 93

20 November 2001 | week 147

News: The Russ Report: All Blacks Continue Domination Over Ireland
Photos: Gillo’s Birthday
That wrecks me Buzz: Banking In Ireland (Amanda Farrelly)

waltzernet_0060_Layer 92

13 November 2001 | week 146

News: Lunchtime fire alarm: diners forced to leave tables, Crew hysterical over Kit-Kat mug competition, Christmas party announced, Everyone drawn to window to see heavy weather
Photos: In the office

waltzernet_0061_Layer 91

6 November 2001 | week 145

News: Nicola Leaves, Waltzer getting “Best of 2001″ ready for Christmas
Photos: WaltzerLounge Halloween party

waltzernet_0062_Layer 90

30 October 2001 | week 144

News: Mad house party, Waltzer forgets camera, Vacancy in drinking department

waltzernet_0063_Layer 89

23 October 2001 | week 143

News: Waltzer’s plants on telly! Company to launch action figures
Photos: Martin/McSorley’s

waltzernet_0064_Layer 88

16 October 2001 | week 142

News: Purgatory launch Smooth, Interview with Al Currie
Photos: Al and Aaron from Purgatory Records
That wrecks me Buzz: Here comes the winter!

waltzernet_0065_Layer 87

9 October 2001 | week 141

Killarney Special
News: Killarney, Golf, Discussions
Photos: Killarney

That wrecks me Buzz: Moving house

waltzernet_0066_Layer 86

2 October 2001 | week 140

News: Gillo’s house warmer, Killarney itinerary released
Photos: Gillo’s house warmer

waltzernet_0067_Layer 85

25 September 2001 | week 139

News: Jordo to Travel around America; Separated at birth: John Keane, Robin Williams
Photos: Various nights, Johns Wedding
That wrecks me Buzz: Refusal to The Barge

waltzernet_0068_Layer 84

18 September 2001 | week 138

News: John Marries
Photos: US Embassy
That wrecks me Buzz: Terror in NY (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0069_Layer 83

10 September 2001 | week 137

News: Peter leaves; John’s stag
Photos: Pete’s leaving; John’s stag
That wrecks me Buzz: That wrecks me Munich (Mark Jordan)

waltzernet_0070_Layer 82

3 September 2001 | week 136

News: Ciara leaves, Viv to return home, Pete and Shane to leave
Photos: Ciara Leaves; Slane 2001
That wrecks me Buzz: The effort to get to U2 (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0071_Layer 81

27 August 2001 | week 135

News: Waltzer’s house party: styley out; Des disappears after e-mail violation; Waltzer does Swords
Photos: Waltzer’s 24th and house cooling
That wrecks me Buzz: Coping without Kaner (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0072_Layer 80

20 August 2001 | week 134

Kaner Tribute
News: Kaner dies tragically in motorcycle accident, Kaner book of memories set up
Photos: Kaner in Photos

That wrecks me Buzz: Crash! (Kaner) (Repeat)

waltzernet_0073_Layer 79

13 August 2001 | week 133

Kaner 1979-2001

waltzernet_0074_Layer 78

7 August 2001 | week 132

News: Killary scuba diving weekend, House party!, Wage Slave back in the house
Photos: Killary
That wrecks me Buzz: Insurance fury (Moose)

waltzernet_0075_Layer 77

31 July 2001 | week 131

News: Leopardstown party review: 70%
Photos: Ger’s department move, Waltzer:24, Leopardstown 2001
That wrecks me Buzz: Waltzer a year older!

waltzernet_0076_Layer 76

23 July 2001 | week 130

News: Leopardstown party announced, Jordo sends message from future, More sex scandals – Rob Cummins, Moose’s cartoon update
Photos: Mairead’s birthday
That wrecks me Buzz: Lack of creativity

waltzernet_0077_Layer 75

16 July 2001 | week 129

News: Mark Farber previous life as porn star, Shag all news this week
That wrecks me Buzz: Moving out of Ranelagh: Top 10 things missed

waltzernet_0078_Layer 74

9 July 2001 | week 128

News: Moose’s animated film public showing, Monster attacks city, Kaner (almost)in bike race
That wrecks me Buzz: What’s going on with the Experience?

waltzernet_0079_Layer 73

1 July 2001 | week 127

News: Paul and pals throw big barbeque
Photos: Marybeth leaves, Paul’s barbeque
That wrecks me Buzz: Not another cop-out on the buzz

waltzernet_0080_Layer 72

25 June 2001 | week 126

News: Clodagh Leaves; Seperated at birth: Moose, Little Homer; Paul caught cross-dressing, NASA: “Spaceship” probably just a sandwich shop
Photos: Last Clodagh
That wrecks me Buzz: Everything cool, pictures shared

waltzernet_0081_Layer 71

18 June 2001 | week 125

News: O’Sheas ‘beer garden’ in use again, Recycling bins finally in use, Clodagh to leave
That wrecks me Buzz: Too responsible for our own good

waltzernet_0082_Layer 70

11 June 2001 | week 124

News: Mo throws cool barbeque, Mark and Fiona in attendance, Graham produces WicklowToday.com, NCAD exhibition
Photos: Mo’s barbeque party
That wrecks me Buzz: Thinking of buying a gaff?

waltzernet_0083_Layer 69

5 June 2001 | week 123

News: Weetabix team pull off an excellent experience, Wireless team celebrate at Odessa and Ri-Ra, Mark and Fiona to come home,
Photos: Odessa
That wrecks me Buzz: Ten things that happened to us in Greece (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0084_Layer 68

28 May 2001 | week 122

News: Where’s Waltzer?, Sundresses and Shades, Are YOU in De Click?,
Photos: Waltzer’s head goes missing?

That wrecks me Buzz:Nocturnal-mares (Russ)

waltzernet_0085_Layer 67

21 May 2001 | week 121

News: Learn all about Waltzers!, Dara builds designer shop, Ridiculously funny marketer’s video comes from US offices, Shams take the experience,
That wrecks me Buzz: I’ve to get up at four to go the airport (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0086_Layer 66

14 May 2001 | week 120

News: Launching WaltzerShop, Waltzer Experience to be taken over by The Shams for a week
That wrecks me Buzz: Television (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0087_Layer 65

7 May 2001 | week 119

News: POD party “deadly”, That spaceship is a sandwich shop, Gillo and Kaner in campaign for L’Oreal, First day down the park
Photos: POD party
That wrecks me Buzz: Behind the scenes at Waltzer.net (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0088_Layer 64

30 April 2001 | week 118

News: 2001 Spring Party announced, Everyone checking where they live, DangerHere boys on TV3, New Traffic Web Cam lets ex-employees re-live the trip to work,
That wrecks me Buzz: The Demon Drink (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0089_Layer 63

23 April 2001 | week 117

News: We’d have been in Killarney by now, Downturn in IT industry “scary”, Housewarmer, Waltzer pictured on The Onion
Photos: Summer Arrives- designers in front of O’Shea’s
That wrecks me Buzz: Party Fader (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0090_Layer 62

17 April 2001 | week 116

News: Social club scuba diving buzz, Waltzer in underage furniture sting
That wrecks me Buzz: Stressful Exercise (Clare O’Connell)

waltzernet_0091_Layer 61

9 April 2001 | week 115

News: KW party a roaring success, Dee leaves
Photos: Dee leaves, KW get-together
That wrecks me Buzz: Waltzer Experience particularly shite this week

waltzernet_0092_Layer 60

26 March 2001 | week 113

News: Viv sends pictures from Oz, Canteen changes sauce from Heinz to YR
That wrecks me Buzz: People going through their ring-tones in public (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0093_Layer 59

20 March 2001 | week 112

News: Killarney party postponed, New web restrictions enforced, KW one year in Clonskeagh, KW get-together arranged, £5000 for software piracy information

waltzernet_0094_Layer 58

12 March 2001 | week 111

News: Killarney party in limbo, Jay: 6.6 on “Hot Or Not”, Russ Manning: An American Poet, New KW party in the pipeline,

Photos: Isobel and friends throw mad party
That wrecks me Buzz: Pretentious shop assistants (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0095_Layer 57

5 March 2001 | week 110

News: Wage Slave on sale, Girl sends embarrassing mail to entire complex

That wrecks me Buzz: These ten things! (anonymous)
Featured site: Dangehere.com

waltzernet_0096_Layer 56

26 February 2001 | week 109

News: Galway to take place in Killarney, Power cuts engineered to boost staff morale, Designers night out: Rajoot Tandoori, Designers forget to take tea break

Pictures: Designers night out: Rajoot Tandoori
That wrecks me Buzz: Don’t wreck me bike! (Isobel de Mangeat)

waltzernet_0097_Layer 55

19 February 2001 | week 108

News: Al Currie’s track gets commercial release, Break for the Border party

Pictures: Break for the Border party

waltzernet_0098_Layer 54

12 February 2001 | week 107

News: Company ‘update session’ in hotel, party to follow, Laura to return home
That wrecks me Buzz: Class Reunion (Jody Fitzpatrick)

waltzernet_0099_Layer 53

5 February 2001 | week 106

News: Waltzer stops moaning and embraces the IT house, Sarah returns to the house, Company launches second ad,
Featured Site: BrayOutCasts.com
That wrecks me Buzz: 5.30 Traffic (Annon Madman)

waltzernet_0100_Layer 52

29 January 2001 | week 105

News: Jay, Michael, Susan star in company ad, Al’s play reviewed, Ciara carded in US bar,
Photos: Company ad
That wrecks me Buzz: Getting Old (Claire O’Connell)

waltzernet_0101_Layer 51

22 January 2001 | week 104

News: Waltzer Experience a year old, Dave Manzor: “I sang with Enigma”, Jason Power and Ciara Flannagan considered “best looking designers”, At Discussions: “Grow Up Waltzer!”, House shares recover
That wrecks me Buzz: Playing Quake too much again (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0102_Layer 50

15 January 2001 | week 103

News: Alan Nuzum in Play, Dead Cat Bounce Launch, Clare Cummins Leaves
Photos: Clare Cummins’ leaving party
That wrecks me Buzz: House Buzz (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0103_Layer 49

8 January 2001 | week 102

News: Waltzer returns, Everyone still in a trance
That wrecks me Buzz: Figi (Claire O’Connell)

waltzernet_0104_Layer 48

December 2000 | week 51

Pictures: Christmas Party
News: Christmas Special, 2000 review

waltzernet_0105_Layer 47

December 2000 | week 50

Pictures: Sheherazade’s going home party
News: Sarah engaged, Siobhan returns
That wrecks me Buzz: Religious Christmas

waltzernet_0106_Layer 46

December 2000 | week 49

News: Jubster in Play reviewed, Mo Christmas Party, What’s in Discussions
That wrecks me Buzz: Hnagover Sundays (Waltzer)
Top 10: Reasons why people stay in and leave their jobs

waltzernet_0107_Layer 45

November 2000 | week 48

Pictures: Drag and Drop KW character game
News: Discussion Board Added, Jubster in Play
That wrecks me Buzz: Low Morale in Business House (Waltzer)
Featured Site: Bullshit generator

waltzernet_0108_Layer 44

November 2000 | week 47

Pictures: Last KW Party ever, Toners
News: Jenny leaves/interview, last KW party
That wrecks me Buzz: KW is dead, long live KW

waltzernet_0109_Layer 43

November 2000 | week 46

Pictures: E-Business Party, Odessa
News: Sheherazade interviewed, Last KW approaches
Top 10: Tips to look after your husband
That wrecks me Buzz: So Endeth the Business House

waltzernet_0110_Layer 42

November 2000 | week 45

Pictures: Last Sheherazade, Planet Hollywood
News: Sheherazade leaves, Planet Hollywood party
Top 10: Viv’s buzzes in S.E. Aisa
That wrecks me Buzz: Navan (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0111_Layer 41

October 2000 | week 44

Pictures: Pixel Sites
News: 40 weeks old, Pixel Experience
Top 10: Pixel Websites
That wrecks me Buzz: Rise and Fall of Pixels (Waltzer

waltzernet_0112_Layer 40

October 2000 | week 43

Pictures: Last Laura
News: Laura Leaves, Company Announces Planet Hollywood Party, Waltzer takes off every Monday
That wrecks me Buzz: Weekend party (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0113_Layer 39

October 2000 | week 42

Pictures: Some nights in The Duke
News: Business Project Nearly Finished
Top 10: Underage Drinking Spots of the Early 90’s (Mark Jordan)
That wrecks me Buzz: Lots of things (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0114_Layer 38

October 2000 | week 41

Pictures: VintageOld school crew
News: Waltzer in Newspaper, Al Currie Cuts Track, Content low on Waltzer.net
That wrecks me Buzz: No time for site (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0115_Layer 37

October 2000 | week 40

Pictures: Viv and Dermot’s Last Night
News: Viv and Dermot Leave, Viv Joins Cast of Friends
That wrecks me Buzz: New web restrictions (Waltzer)

waltzernet_0116_Layer 36

September 2000 | week 39

Pictures: Ray’s Last Night
News: Ray Leaves, Fiona’s Party, Barnbrack T-shirts
That wrecks me Buzz: Leaving the Business House, by Ray O’Neill

waltzernet_0117_Layer 35

September 2000 | week 38

Pictures: Fiona’s Last Night
News: Fiona Leaves, Junk Mail, Dermo’s Sex Change, 5 Generations of Business House
That wrecks me Buzz: Bike Crash, by Ian Kane

waltzernet_0118_Layer 34

September 2000 | week 37

Pictures: Fiona McKenna’s leaving party
News: Fiona Leaves
Top 10: Things people hate most about work
That wrecks me Buzz: Design Jobs With No Creativity, by Waltzer

waltzernet_0119_Layer 33

August 2000 | week 36

Pictures: Vulgar England
News: Waltzer does Lowestoft, Paul Gets Engaged, Man Killed In Donnybrook, Second Exodus coming, Barmbrack revival, Roads out of fashion.
That wrecks me Buzz: Diary of failed writer, by Mary Kate

waltzernet_0120_Layer 32

August 2000 | week 34

Pictures: Moira’s Wedding
News: Experience 30 weeks old, Moira and Shane Marry, Jody falls over flex, Paul’s new company
That wrecks me Buzz: Getting locked out, by Jody
Featured Site: Dancing Paul Page

waltzernet_0121_Layer 31

August 2000 | week 33

Pictures: Some of my girls out in the Duke
News: Seamus leaves, Bill leaves, New content
Top 10: Reasons why drink should be served at work
That wrecks me Buzz: Airport Mayhem, by Breffni
First Wage Slave and Mo’Bia

waltzernet_0122_Layer 30

August 2000 | week 32

Pictures: Kirsty’s Wedding
News: Wedding
Top 10: Tips for becoming a scanger
That wrecks me Buzz: Getting old(er)

waltzernet_0123_Layer 29

July 2000 | week 31

Pictures: Waltzer Birthday Party
News: Waltzer Birthday Party
Top 10: Pub Types in Ireland
That wrecks me Buzz: Winning Lotto Vs Self Made Millionaire

waltzernet_0124_Layer 28

July 2000 | week 30

Pictures: Corporate Party
News: Party, Wages Sorted
Top 10: Assumptions about those parties
That wrecks me Buzz: Legalising Cannabis

waltzernet_0125_Layer 27

July 2000 | week 29

Pictures: Deirdre’s last night
News: Deirdre leaves, On downsizing
Top 10: Good things about the house
That wrecks me Buzz: Change of title for That Wrecks Me Buzz

waltzernet_0126_Layer 26

July 2000 | week 28

Pictures: Interactive sentence generator
News: No one left the company, Downsixing the Experience
Top 10: Best looking girls in the house
That wrecks me Buzz: Downsizing the experience

waltzernet_0127_Layer 25

July 2000 | week 27

Pictures: Tony’s last Night
News: Tony leaves, Writers and Designers coillaberate
Top 10: Consumable Products
That wrecks me Buzz: Tacky Interior Design
Featured Site: Google.com

waltzernet_0128_Layer 24

June 2000 | week 26

Pictures: Stevo’s Garden Party
News: Stevo’s Garden Party, Siobhan Leaves
Top 10: Evils of the World
That wrecks me Buzz: End-of-Month Poverty
Radio: Steve’s garden party.

waltzernet_0129_Layer 23

June 2000 | week 25

Pictures: Mark and Phil last night
News: New Design, Mark and Phil leave
Top 10: Frank Sinatra Quotes
That wrecks me Buzz: Growing up
Featured Site: Purgatory Records
Radio: Mark and Phil’s last night

waltzernet_0130_Layer 22

June 2000 | week 24

Pictures: Blue Jean Festival
News: Site 20 weeks old, Lowestoft Trip
Top 10: Best of the Waltzer Experience
That wrecks me Buzz: The Rat Race

waltzernet_0131_Layer 21

June 2000 | week 23

News: Blue Jean Washout, Neil Leaves, Ger Plugs Waltzer
Top 10: Lessons Learned in Athboy
Featured Site: La Haine
That wrecks me Buzz: Everyone is Leaving

waltzernet_0132_Layer 20

OMay 2000 | week 22

Pictures:Design Dept. Night: Belgo’s
News: Top 10: Rave Reviews, New Web Construction Special
Top 10: Things to Shout over the DJ
Featured Site: Winamp.com
That wrecks me Buzz: School of hard knocks

waltzernet_0133_Layer 19

May 2000 | week 21

News: Web Construction Special
Top 10: Knacker Drinking in Navan
Special Web Construction Lesson 1
Featured Site: Jackpot.com
That wrecks me Buzz: Dublin Bus Timetables

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May 2000 | week 20

Pictures:Navan Crew
Top 10:Catchphrases of the Knowledge Crew
News: Top 10: Rave Reviews, New Web Construction Special
Featured Site: Bookworm.ie
That wrecks me Buzz: Lack of Taxis

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May 2000 | week 19

Pictures:Pam’s Last Day Session
Top 10:Chippers in Dublin
News: Top 10, Blue Jean Festival, Helen Leaves.
Featured Site: Nasdaq Portfolio Tracking
That wrecks me Buzz: Hoopy Earrings

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May 2000 | week 18

Pictures: Martin’s Birthday, Pam’s Ring
News: Pam’s engaged, Stephen Leaves.
Featured Site: Halfbakery.com
That wrecks me Buzz: Photo Deadlines

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April 2000 | week 17

Galway Conference Special

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April 2000 | week 17

Pictures: Galway Conference
News: Galway Conference, alanwall.com, The Share Crash
Featured Site: C64.com
That wrecks me Buzz: Tabloids

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April 2000 | week 16

News: Pam Leaves, First| week in Skeagh, 5k competition
Featured Site: Cube Web Design
That wrecks me Buzz: Radio Ads

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April 2000 | week 15

Pictures: Design Kids
News: Last day in Blackrock, Web Browsers, Move to Waltzer.net
Featured Site: Napster.com
That wrecks me Buzz: The Vengaboys

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April 2000 | week 14

News: First Week in the ‘Skeagh
Featured Site: Homelands
That wrecks me Buzz: Navan Bounce

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March 2000 | week 13

Pictures: The Fireworks
News: O’Blivion debut, Fireworks
Featured Site: Launch.com
That wrecks me Buzz: The Skeagh
Special Feature: Clonskeagh Uncovered
O’Blivions Review: Three Kings

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March 2000 | week 12

Pictures: Paddy’s day in Navan.
News: New sections next week!
Featured Site: DNA Names
That wrecks me Buzz: Chasing Navan Girls

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March 2000 | week 11

Pictures: Paul’s Leaving Session
News: Paul and Fergus, 5k Competition, Suggestions Please
Featured Site: NRG web design
That wrecks me Buzz: Being Langersh

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March 2000 | week 10

Pictures: Last Night at the Hatter
News: Waltzer.net , Suggestions please.
Featured Site: NetBabyWorld
That wrecks me Buzz: Lotus Notes

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February 2000 | week 9

Pictures: Caroline in Dublin
News: Shooting Caroline, New mix tape.
Featured Site: Audiofind
That wrecks me Buzz: Shaving

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February 2000 | week 8

Pictures: Dublin at Night
News: Emergency Broadcast, Valentine cards.
Featured Site: Lost in the Translation
That wrecks me Buzz: Losing the original wrecks me buzz!

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February 2000 | week 7

Pictures: Gillian and Aoife’s Leaving Party
News: Valentines Day, Feedback on the site
Featured Site: “Misused” quotation marks
That wrecks me Buzz: Nothing/Religion

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February 2000 | week 6

Pictures: Company Christmas Party
News: Gillian leaves, Waltzer’s happenin’ week, Drunken shouts
Featured Site: Cool Road Sightings
That wrecks me Buzz: Chat Rooms

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February 2000 | week 5

Pictures: Susan’s 21st

News: Site Success, Susan’s 21st
Featured Site: Road Etiquette In Ireland
That wrecks me Buzz: Public Transport

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Jan 2000 | week 4

Pictures: Boyz in da Hood
News: New Site Details
Featured Site: Jinx!
That wrecks me Buzz: Moving to Clonskeagh