DVNO – 80s retro style logo video

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I haven’t posed for a while but this is worth the wait! This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year.

Justice – DVNO


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Flowery Shirt Brigade

Sorry I haven’t been updating the website for a while, but I do keep my flickr account up to date with photos, like this one of the flowery shirted boys. If you use an RSS reader, like Google Reader, you can subscribe to this site and you won’t miss any more entries.


Round up of recent quotes

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Sean: I don’t want to go to [restaurant] Shanahan’s tonight.
Al: Well at least you’ll be the coolest person in the room for a change.
Sean: When’s your pay review?

Mike: That meeting today was weird.
Sean: How?
Mike: Well there’s meetings, and there’s surrealism…

Shaun: Has anyone seen the Blu-Tack?
Mike: In the stationary cupboard… As opposed to the moving cupboard.

Richard: That’s not Old Spice, it’s ancient Spice!

Liam: (Singing, getting the words wrong) Don’t you wish your sister was hot like

The Money Series

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USD168 painting by Anthony White
I bought this painting yesterday. The artist used to be a stock broker and now paints “The Money Series.” The way it works is that you pay the price on the canvas, so for me that was US$168, about €125, including postage.

I think the one I got was one of the best. I chose the dollar one over the euro one for two reasons: the euro one

The Go! Team have a new album out

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And it’s great. Check out this deliciously exciting preview: Doing it Right

Old abandoned petrol station near Navan

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Petrol Station
My sister Elaine and I went up to Athboy a few months ago to have a stroll down memory lane (we grew up there until I was 12). I took a camera and stopped to photograph this old abandoned petrol station. We used to stop here back in the 80s when we lived in Athboy and used to shop in Navan on Saturdays for our groceries. I love old petrol