Round up of recent quotes

Sean: I don’t want to go to [restaurant] Shanahan’s tonight.
Al: Well at least you’ll be the coolest person in the room for a change.
Sean: When’s your pay review?

Mike: That meeting today was weird.
Sean: How?
Mike: Well there’s meetings, and there’s surrealism…

Shaun: Has anyone seen the Blu-Tack?
Mike: In the stationary cupboard… As opposed to the moving cupboard.

Richard: That’s not Old Spice, it’s ancient Spice!

Liam: (Singing, getting the words wrong) Don’t you wish your sister was hot like me?

Brian: I’m starving.
Al: I have some Just Right cereal in the cupboard if you want it?
Brian: That’s just wrong.

Declan: Me and Isabel understand the weirdness that is Liam.

Some girl who was chatting me up and getting a poor response: So do you have a girlfriend or are you just really bad at this?

Liam (I think??): What’s gonna happen if you shout “IRA” during the Fields of Athenry? Some pacifist glasses you?

Liam: He died of a drug overdose? Sure it happens to the best of us.

Liam (on where he’s living): I’m so happy where I am now, it’s not funny.

Some overheard snippets:
A female Garda as I drove past trucks being searched near the port: Not a fuckin’ sinner.

A girl at Electric picnic: That wretching this morning really upset my stomach.

Guy at a urinal on the phone: Can you hear me? Yeah they’re dropping like plagues. Oh I nearly dropped my phone in the pisser. Can you hear me?

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