Rapid Tunes: The Go! Team and my Top 10 exciting tunes

Exciting Tunes

Luke put me on to an absolutely fabulous exciting tune called Bottle Rocket by The Go! Team. Its multi-layered with non-stop vocal verses (female 90s rap style) with a massive building orchestra-style crescendo. It’s totally Report To The Dance Floor stuff, you’ll play it again as soon as it ends! Go get it, I’m telling you!

So I added it to my “Exciting” playlist in iTunes, and just for fun, here’s my 10 top-played exciting tunes:

  1. Laid – James (Thanks to Emma for putting me onto this one!)
  2. Fell In Love With A Girl – The White Stripes (Heard this first at Oxegen years ago – its only 1.50 mins long!)
  3. Freakin’ Out – Graham Coxon (Thanks to Brian for hooking me up with this one)
  4. Mr. Brightside – The Killers (Thanks to Liam, saw them live, quite dissapointing)
  5. Debaser – Pixies (Cheers Luke and Niall for all those nights in Whelans!)
  6. Summer In The City – The Lovin’ Spoonful (Featured on Die Hard with a Vengeance – had to wait years to get a copy of it!)
  7. Walk This Way – Run DMC Vs Aerosmith
  8. Basket Case – Greenday (Sharon and Catherine put me onto Greenday back in the 90’s, man those were the days!)
  9. Alive and Kicking – Simple Minds (Thanks to Brian for showing me this one)
  10. I Predict a Riot – Kaiser Chiefs

Also notable:

  • Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies
  • Cannonball – The Breeders
  • Vice – Razorlight
  • Buddy Holly – Weezer
  • Smells Like Bootylicious (Mashup) – Freelance Hellraiser
  • Madder – Groove Armada
  • Evil – Interpol
  • Danger! High Voltage! – Electric Six
  • Ride – The Vines
  • Waving Not Drowning – Orbital
  • Anarchy in the UK – The Sex Pistols
  • Gay Bar – Electric Six
  • Folks Like You (Mashup) – X*Rox Soundsystem
  • Built a Gun – La Rocca
  • Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
  • Light My Fire – The Doors
  • Sing Song Sung – La Rocca
  • Beautiful – The Parlotones
  • Big Fan – The Wannadies

Get those tunes on your mp3 player and you’ll be ready for anything! Pure aural excitement!

Please add your suggestions in the comments.

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