Stay efficient by taking notes

I was just doing a bit of work for a client there and I started taking notes as I was going along. It totally stopped me from getting distracted and helped me do things faster because I was able to track exactly what I was doing.

For example:

20.00 Lightened colour of graphic
20.06 Found pictures
20.10 Replaced pictures, saved image
20.14 Opened poster in InDesign
20.19 Replaced images, saved
20.20 Opened flyer, replaced images
20.22 Saved, tested
20.24 Uploading
20.26 Tested
20.30 Notified client

So I got done in 30 mins what might have taken me an hour if I was getting distracted and playing with settings. I hope in the future it will give me a better idea of how long tasks take to do.

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