That wrecks me buzz: People stopping on travelators

It astounds and infuriates me to see people who stand instead of walking on travelators. Especially at Tesco in the Jervis Centre. Is it pure laziness or do they enter escallator mentality when they get on the travelator? Do people have so little going on that they can waste their time standing there instead of walking? It baffles me. And they don’t even have the manners to keep to one side to let people who aren’t wasting their life pass them by. I don’t know, maybe I should brush by them roughly, sighing and tutting to make them cop on. I’ve been doing that to get people waiting for busses to keep in off the path, but haven’t noticed much of an improvement in civic codes yet. I suppose perseverence is required.
Family Guy once made fun of this phenomena by showing Peter chasing a woman through a shopping centre and when they got on the escallator they both stopped walking and waited, Peter impatiently shaking his hand at her.

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